Helping Women

Teague's Home for Women is designed to provide women an atmosphere closer to God, improve their social, personal and professionalism for a better life.

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Our Mission

Nothing is greater than the belief in God.  For it is when you walk with Him and see the beauty that surrounds us each day, that we know we are blessed.

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Through the gracious donations of our supporters, like you, these women grow off the street - learn how to stand on their own two feet.

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At the feet of Gamaliel

(Acts 22:3)

Teague's Home for Women, previously known as Green's Home for Women, is a religion based non-profit organization providing shelter to homeless women in the form of a home-style environment with strict guidelines that teach and re-teach personal hygiene, good manners, life skills, build self-esteem and tackle all the elements that prevent them from becoming productive members within our society.

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Teague's Home for WomenEach woman that finds herself at Teague's Home for Women's doorstep must be ready to leave their old life behind them and accept a new way of life to bring them forward.  Through our Services each woman will be given an opportunity to feel safe and secure, learn to take pride in herself, train for new job skills, obtain an education and most of all - bring God into their lives, during this time of transition.

The rules and life-style maybe simple but the road to improvement is always long and hard.  For this reason, accommodations at Teague's Home for Women are usually full.

Teague's Home for Women is a faith based organization that provides services to the homeless women in Fayetteville, NC in the form of community based social services.  Teague's Home for Women does not have any political affiliations. 

Teague's Home for Women welcomes homeless women from all walks of life looking for a faith based, safe and secure place to call home while learning how to improve their way of life.  Each future resident must agree to and sign the House Rules/Policies prior to being accepted plus abide by the house schedule.

If you need our services - Please check with our Director: Shirley Lacy by calling: (910) 483-5044

Teague's Home for Women:


  1. To provide emergency short term and long term shelter - helping and being a refuge for women.
  2. To help in social, personal and professional development.
  3. To create and atmosphere where lives can be changed, bad habits destroyed so healing from past pains can heal, bring deliverance from compulsions and change ill-mannerisms and inappropriate social behavior.


  1. To promote dignity and integrity in the whole woman; spirit, mind and body.
  2. To promote self-sufficiency.
  3. To assist women in their reintroduction to the community as successful, productive, fruitful members of society.
  4. To rebuild self-esteem and as part of their therapeutic program - residents will be assigned volunteer duties within the community.

Teague's Home for Women is a non-profit organization, fully funded through contributions from individuals, local churches, civic organizations and businesses. 

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