Donating Funds/Items:

Individuals, groups and organizations - if you are interested in donating General Products, please call Teague's Home for Women's Director Shirley Lacy for immediate needs prior to delivery.

Online Donations:

All online donations are processed through a secure safe internet based system provided by PayPal.  Individuals, agencies, business' and corporations can safely transfer monetary donations through the use of their Credit Card, Check, Debit Card, Cash or PayPal account.  After each donation transaction, donors will receive a receipt for their tax-free donation.  Click here to learn about our Privacy Policy.

Teague's Home for Women, Inc. would love to send each donor a personal "Thank You" note.  Please forward a short email to:

Thank You!!!

Mail-In Donations:

Please send Mail-in Donations to:

Thank You!!!

Donating Items:

Teague's Home for Women sincerely appreciates all donated items, whether they are clothing, toiletry items, kitchen ware, and/or household items.

Finally with success, Teague's Home for Women spent months trying to eliminate a bed bug epidemic cause by unclean items coming into the home.  Due to the severity of the case, several women became ill.  We appreciate your concerns to our continued safety by ensuring all items donated are clean and bug free.

General Products: The Home and each woman residing within the Home can always use:

Every family out there can understand how much it takes to run a normal household.

Thank You!!!

Donating Your Time:

Military, agencies, organizations and individuals who would like to volunteer by either assisting the women in their professional growth or volunteer your time in providing home repair...please contact our Director: Shirley Lacy to schedule a date and time by calling: 910-483-5400

More and more businesses are now providing "Matching Gifts," "Volunteer Grants" or "Team Grants" to increase their tax-free donations every year.

Thank You!!!


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