Our Information

Teague's Home for Women, previously known as Green's Home for Women, is a non-profit agency providing shelter to homeless women in the form of a home-style environment with strict guidelines that teach/re-teach personal hygiene, manners, life skills, and tackle all the elements that are preventing them from becoming productive members of society.

In the year 2010, Green's Home for Women transitioned to Teague's Home for Women.  It is our belief that individuals, groups and organizations that had an annual standing of donations to Green's Home for Women were not notified of the change in name.  For this reason, Ms. Alberta Green requested a letter be placed on the old website explaining the situation with the hope of educating all contributing parties.  You can find a copy of this letter at: Green's Home for Women's Letter.

While the name Teague's Home for Women maybe new to some, we still operate by the original standards set up by Ms. Alberta Green.

All the women that find themselves at Teague's door must be ready to leave the drugs and alcohol behind and accept a new way of life that includes pride in oneself, training for job skills and employment, and be willing to bring God into their lives.

The rules and life-style maybe simple but the road is often long and hard.  For this reason, accommodations at Teague’s Home for Women are always a full capacity.

Our Vision

Continue to pass along God's goodness until all women are substance free while living the life God created for them.

Our Mission

Teague's Home for Women provides a safe and secure home-style environment that allows homeless women an opportunity to build self-esteem, eliminate substance abuse, find job placement and secure a better place for themselves.


  1. To provide emergency short and long term shelter, help and refuge for women.

  2. To provide help in personal, social and professional development and use social services that maybe available.

  3. To help in social, personal and professional development.

  4. To provide Christian principles whereby lives maybe changed through growth in Christ by God's Word -- the Bible.

  5. To create an atmosphere where lives can be changed, bad habits destroyed, healing from past hurts, deliverance from compulsions, ill mannerisms and inappropriate social behavior.

Our View:

  1. To promote dignity and integrity in the whole woman; spirit, mind and body.

  2. To promote self-sufficiency.

  3. To assist women in their reintroduction to the community as successful, productive, fruitful members of society.

  4. To rebuild self-esteem and as part of the therapeutic program, residents will be assigned volunteer duties in the community.

Our Director:

Shirley Lacy

Shirley LacyHer Story:  Back in 1999, I was wrongfully charged and incarcerated until 2012.  Under the advisement of our local Legal Aid office, I met Albert Green.  She immediately accepted me for who I am and fully understood my story.

It was under Alberta’s guidance that I learned the rules of the house and fully received God and his ministry to lead me to the right path.   Alberta and I quickly became friends.  Unfortunately, Alberta passed away a couple of months after my arrival.

The passing of Alberta really put a strain on the house and its residents.

After a failed attempt of another house resident to control the home, I took on the responsibilities with open arms.  Using the supervisory skills I learned from my incarceration and the life teachings I received from Ms. Alberta Green, to bring harmony back into the house.  Now, we continually strive to maintain peace and harmony in God’s eyes while helping the women learn to stand on their own two feet.

Need Help Fast?

If you are the Fayetteville or Cumberland County Police Department or Fayetteville, NC Legal Aid office do not hesitate to call Teague's Home for Women's Director, Shirley Lacy at (910) 483-5044.


Teague's Home for Women, Inc. would love to send each donor a personal "Thank You" note.  Please forward a short email to:  TeaguesHome4Women@gmail.com