Frequently Asked Questions

Teague's Home for Women is a religion/faith based non-profit organization providing shelter to homeless women in the form of a home-style environment with strict guidelines that teach and re-teach personal hygiene, good manners, life skills, build self-esteem and tackle all the elements that prevent them from becoming productive members within our society.

what do you mean faith based?

Teague's Home for women is a faith based non-profit organization that bases all services and events on the Christian religion. 

how can I donate?

Teague's Home for Women has provided several options that will allow each individual, agency, organization and/or business to donate in their own special way.  These options can be 1) one time only; 2) monthly; 3) quarterly; 4) annually; or 5) continuously.  We will welcome funds, household/personal items, working vehicles (cars, trucks, vans), partnerships, volunteer grants, team grants and needed services.

Can I donate a car/truck/van?

Yes!  Teague's Home for Women is in dire need of transportation that will allow qualified drivers to escort the women to medical appointments, local schools/universities for class, grocery shopping, etc.  Teague's Home for Women currently owns one (1) van that assists the women in traveling to Church, work, class, medical appointments, food shelters, etc.  If you have a vehicle (title must be transferable, no payments and is road worthy) you wish to donate, please contact the President of our Board of Directors at 333 Hawley Lane, Fayetteville, NC 28301.  All donated vehicles are tax-free.

Can I stay anonymous?

Yes!  Teague's Home for Women will never rent or sell your information to anyone.  Please see our Privacy Policy for details. 

Can I advertise on your site?

Individuals, agencies, companies, businesses that join our Partnership/Corporate Partnership will have an opportunity to advertise within the Teague's Home for Women's website.  All advertisements must meet our standards and be approved by our Board of Directors prior to posting.

how can i volunteer my time?

Teague's Home for Women reside in an old house that was donated by the Teague family.  Like many old homes, our home is in constant need of repairs, such as painting, repair doors and windows, checking the plumbing and electrical work, repairing door frames, painting, etc.  If you have skills that can be a benefit to Teague's Home for Women, please call our Director at (910) 483-5044 to schedule an appointment.

How can I volunteer useful services?

Teague's Home is designed to take in women who have had a troubled background, leaving domestic issues, getting off drugs/alcohol abuse, etc.  If you are a social worker, psychologist or work in a counseling field that could benefit one or more of our ladies, please contact our Director at (910) 483-5044 to schedule an appointment.

Need Help Fast?

If you are the Fayetteville or Cumberland County Police Department or Fayetteville, NC Legal Aid office do not hesitate to call Teague's Home for Women's Director, Shirley Lacy at (910) 483-5044.