Our Path:

And the King will answer and say to them, 'Assuredly, I say to you, "inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to me."

Teague's Home for Women is a non-profit organization fully funded through contributions from individuals, local churches, civic organizations and local businesses.


Who We Are & Why We're Here:

In the natural realm, if the phone rings something takes place.  Of necessity, therefore, someone has called us personally and must have a message to convey to us.  So our next step is to answer the call in order to receive the message from the caller.  The message is delivered, we discuss it,

And then respond accordingly.

In the spiritual realm, our God and Savior Jesus Christ have called us.  He has given us The Message and in response we have taken action to do the work of ministry of reconciliation to those in need to hear Gods message.

So – who are we that have come together to respond to the call and to deliver this message of great importance?

We are a group of Christian believers, ordinary people from all walks of life, who have been called together to minister to ladies who God has sent to Teague’s Home for Women.  These ladies also come from all walks of life and have many different needs.  Under guidance from Gods Word and Holy Spirit we minister to them, both to natural needs and spiritual needs. 

With Christ as the Head of the Body we operate as the members of His Body to do the works of Christ to those who need the love of Christ. 

We are not here for any self-gain, nor titles, fame, fortune, or recognition.  We have experienced the love of Christ and now share this love with those who cross paths with us here at Teague’s Home for Women.  To put it simply – the love and passion we have for Christ and compassion we have for those in need constrains us.

God has called quite a group of various people to do this work and we feel blessed and humbled.  Some are well-connected people and some are very intelligent.  Some are average people and some have been delivered from some type of bondage.  But all of us have been given a heart for the love of God and love for our fellow man – especially the down-trodden.

Alberta Green was our Executive Director and she had been doing this type of ministry for over 40 years.  Past ministries she was involved with Good Samaritan Ministries, Maronatha House, Green’s Home for Women, and now Teague’s Home for Women.  We are delighted to continue with her ministry.  Thousands have come through her doors in past years and continue to this day.  Many came and may left without ever receiving and applying God truth and that’s sad.  But many received Christ and have had transformed lives and a new beginning no matter what their age or circumstance.  To God Be the Glory!

And this is why we are here.  It is an honor to see God work in some of these ladies lives.  To see the change in appearance and mode of operation in their lives is like watching a miracle occur right before your eyes.  And it’s happening from the inside out – a total transformation – a new creation!

Our basis for all our work is scripture.  This is our best identification mark for our endeavors.  Many could be listed but we will just reference a few at this time.  We would quote them for you but that would make it too easy.  We would rather you pick up your Bibles and read them for yourselves and ponder over them.  And who knows – maybe through these scriptures God may call you too alongside of us to do His kingdom work and you will finally find His calling for your life and begin to fulfill His purpose for you!  Join us on this journey if you will and you’ll find God is up to something great!

So pick up your Bibles and you will see a beautiful picture unfold before your eyes.

1.      Matthew 25:31-45

2.      James 2:1-9

3.      James 2:14-24

4.      I John 3:16-24

5.      Luke 10:21-37

Many more scriptures add to the story as a whole, but as you read these scriptures did you see this masterpiece unfold before you?  We sure hop God will give you eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit has to say to you directly as He has done to us.

We hope and pray we have given you an understanding now of Who We Are and Why We Are Here!

We hope you may want to know more about Teague’s Home for Women and look forward in you calling us for any information you may desire.  As for us – keep us in your prayers often, and if God puts it in your heart to help in any way, we will be humbly grateful. 

You may call us at (910) 483-5044 or come by Teague’s Home for Women at 333 Hawley Lane, Fayetteville, NC  28301. 

We would love to see you or hear from you!

                                                                        In Jesus’ Name & His Service,

                                                                        Teague’s Home for Women