Our Policies:

Each resident, no matter how long you plan on staying must accept and sign acknowledgement of the house rules before entering.  Even though the rules and policies are divided up into House Responsibilities and Individual Responsibilities, they must be abided by at all times or you will be asked to leave immediately.

House Responsibilities are for the betterment of the home as a whole and the residents residing within Teague's Home for Women's home.  Individual Responsibilities are for the resident's own safety, cleanliness and personal growth in accepting responsibility for yourself and those you reside with.

If, at any time, you have questions concerning these rules and policies – please speak with Teague’s Home for Women Home Director, Shirley D. Lacy.  Ms. Lacy, House Director, is in charge at all times.

Individual (personal) Responsibilities:

1.       New residents:  All clothing and personal belongings must be washed and cleaned prior to moving in.  This is to prevent the spread of bed bugs.

2.       New residents:  Due to the limits of storage space, you are limited to the size of your wardrobe.

3.       New residents:  Must remain on the premises for 10 days.  Exceptions are: scheduled activities with a professional, medical appointments and substance abuse treatment.

4.       New residents:  If you own your own vehicle, it will not be permitted on the property.  After 10 days...see #15.

5.       New residents: You must participate in treatment, school or work within 30 days of arrival.

6.       New residents:  No TV's and/or other furniture allowed.

7.       All residents:  You are responsible for getting yourself up each morning.

8.       All residents:  You are required to keep your room clean and neat at all times.

9.       All residents:  You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself, your assigned House chores and the cleaning/straightening of your room must be completed prior to leaving the Home for any reason.

10.   All residents:  You are responsible to taking your prescribed medications on time and their security.  Misuse of any medication will not be tolerated.

11.   All residents: You are responsible for your personal laundry.

12.   All residents:  You are responsible for your own personal phone.

13.   All residents:  You are responsible to attending all appointments, meetings, Church, school classes and/or work on time.

14.   All residents:  You will sign in and sign out of the Home when leaving/returning from all appointments, meetings, Church, school or work.

15.   All residents:  If you own your own vehicle, it is not permitted on the property without approval from the House Director.  

16.   All residents: It is your responsibility to have transportation to and from all appointments, Church settings, and personal matters outside the Home.

17.   All residents:  If you are in a substance abuse program, you are required to submit during random drug testing’s.  All testing’s will be observed by the House Director while providing a urine sample.  You will be evicted if: you refuse to provide a urine sample, test positive on a drug test, caught with alcohol or non-prescribed drugs or prescribed drugs not belonging to you.

House Responsibilities:  (Violators of any house rule will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the property.)

1.       Residents who work and/or receive benefits are required to pay $25.00 a week or $75.00 a month.

2.       Keep respect in all communications with each other.  We do not accept threats, negative attitudes; verbal or physical altercation of any type or it can be grounds for immediate removal from the property.

3.       Weapons of any type/kind are not permitted on the property.  If you are found with a weapon, you will be asked to leave and face dismissal charges.

4.       Morning Devotion:  5:30am weekdays; 6:00am weekends.  No going back to bed after devotion.

5.       All residents will enter and exit through the Office Door (use the sign-in/sign-out sheet).  All other external doors will be locked at all times.  Exception:  Be available in cases of an emergency (fire or other home emergency).

6.       No loud music.  If you have a radio, MP3 player or other devise that plays music or has sound – use earphones or keep the volume extremely LOW.

7.       Phone:  Teague’s Home for Women has a business house phone, not a personal phone for residents.  Exception:  personal 5 minute calls are allowed for family emergencies, scheduling medical appointments, calling work, etc.  The phone hours:  8:00am – 9:00pm.

8.       Smoking: Allowed at the picnic table in the backyard only.

9.       No candles or incense are allowed to be burned inside Teague's Home.

10.   Curfew:  All residents will be in the house no later than 4:00pm.  Doors are locked and the lights are out at 10:00pm.  Violations of the curfew is grounds for immediate dismissal.

11.   Male Visitors:  Only male visitors of the resident’s immediate family are allowed with prior coordination, with the House Director.  All visits are restricted to the Living Room only.

12.   Bible Study Dress Code:  only dresses or skirts allowed.  Dress pants must meet the approval of the House Director prior to Bible Study.  Absolutely NO jeans.

Your signature indicates you have read and approve to abide by all the Teague’s Home for Women Rules and Policies.  Violators are subject to disciplinary action or dismissal.

House Schedule:

Bible Study: (All women must attend)

Need Help Fast?

If you are the Fayetteville or Cumberland County Police Department or Fayetteville, NC Legal Aid office do not hesitate to call Teague's Home for Women's Director, Shirley Lacy at (910) 483-5044.


Teague's Home for Women, Inc. would love to send each donor a personal "Thank You" note.  Please forward a short email to:  TeaguesHome4Women@gmail.com