The stories provided here are from individuals who have known and/or been touched by Ms. Alberta Green and her lessons in life.  Please enjoy.

Charron's Story:

Charron I’m a 29 year old single lady, who’s had a rough life, I lost my mom April 28th 1993, my Great Grandma on 28 April 1994, my Great Uncle April 29th 1994, a sibling May 2nd 2006, then my 1st born lived only 17 minutes after birth on February 22nd 2007, he was 10lbs, 6oz.  He was the next best thing that happened to and for my life.  By now my life has become unhealthy.

I have developed so many health issues by now, it's mid to late 2008.  I am a diabetic, bi-polar, high-blood pressure and most of all I have anxiety attacks and depression.  Now in 2009, my life is falling apart and I didn't think I would make it because I didn't know which way was the right way.  I'm ending year 2009 and praying that 2010 will be better.

I brought the New Year in Church, but had to leave to carry my ex-sister-in-law to hospital – now as 2010 moves I entered a deep depression stage in life that I wanted to take my own life, on May 16th 2010, I attempted to kill myself, thought things would be a lot better once I left this world.  The police had to be the one to stop me because I wouldn’t put the knife down, I felt like I had no reason to live.  When they came to pick me up I knew I needed help, but didn’t want the help.  I stayed at BHC from May 16th – 26th 2010.  On May 26th they told me that I was going to a homeless shelter, then by 11:15 they said I was coming to Green’s Home for Women.  With me, my mouth and mind, I felt like I was coming to prison.  So the time arrived for me to get here.  I’m not feeling this right now, but as time progresses; I know I’m getting to be a part of the home.  The ladies are wonderful and self respected.  As time goes, I saw who was here to get help, want help, and got help.  Now I look forward to 5:30 every morning to learn more and more about my Father in Heaven.  To grow in God is great.

It’s about the middle of June and I am in love with my home and the person who’s in charge of it.  I began to see change, so does Alberta Green.  If you’re a real Christian you must love your neighbor as you love yourself.  It bothered me because I was already homeless, and nowhere to go and I had just begun to understand the home.  I prayed and I asked God to please fix all that was wrong.  I’m expecting the new name, and board.  We will be fine!  Long as God stay head of my life I’ll make it.

PS.  When God’s got you in his hand no one can destroy, bother, aggravate and just worry your nerves.  I am happy here with Alberta, also known as my Mama.

Nancy's Story:

NancyHi, my name is Nancy Robison.  I would like to tell you a short version of why I live with Ms. Alberta Green.

Well, at first I called and she told me she had a couch; I said I would take it but it took me about 3 days to get there but the couch was still waiting for me!  Then when she seen me, she asked me a few questions because I was beaten with a golf club in my head and all over my body; I had a broken shoulder in 2 places and my collar bone was broken and in a sling.  The whole left side of my face was very very black and blue and ½ of my right side was the same way.

I was scared to death, because I had never experienced living in a ½ way home.  But I have hung in and have listened to the wisdom of Ms. Green and I have learned a lot.  I have looked at myself in a different way and received Christ in my life.  And that’s a wonderful thing.  If you let God in your life the blessings never stop.

I love being here and love Ms. Alberta Green with all my heart.  Thinking I would never love again, I had a harden heart, but I no longer have a harden heart, thanks to Ms. Green.  If you feel you want Christ and a good life, then Teague’s Home for Women is where you need to be.

I was an alcoholic and have 5 months of sobriety now.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with Alberta Green and Teague’s Home for Women.

God Blessing & Remember God is always there, Nancy Robinson

Jolynn's Story:

JolynnsIf your lost within yourself, go to Ms. Green’s, she’ll help you find yourself.  I had heard about Ms. Green, that she is a very stern woman, she can be sometimes.  But, she only does that to steer you in the right direction.

I love this place, when I first got here I was lost, didn’t’ have nothing but the clothes on my back and in my pocket-book with all of my credentials in it.  Ms. Green gave me clothes – everything that I needed to feel comfortable with, to start me off on my way, my way to start finding myself; my real true self.  Not someone out there who’s life turns to nothing, but someone to look up to.  When I look in the mirror now, I see me.  Who I am and I love it.  The women here are about in the same boat, but with different problems, but you learn to get along with each other, no matter what your differences are, we all pitch in together as one big family of love and understanding.  Now I feel good about myself and can carry on with my life when I leave here, in good spirits with the understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ and a woman named Ms. Alberta Green.

Rita's Story:

RitaRita’s story is like so many other women who have found themselves on the street looking for a place to live and find work.  Her belief in God was strong.  She thought she had found true love, settled down and had children, but as time wore on she lost her husband to drugs and alcohol.  So, it was time to pack up her children and move on.

Thinking she had found someone better, it wasn’t long before drugs and alcohol became the same familiar face and this quickly became her second abusive relationship.  Now she was blaming God for her troubles.

By the year 2000, Rita thought God had given up on her because she was still raising her youngest child, looking for food and shelter and now required back surgery.  Would her troubles never end? 

Rita holding in her pride, called her daughter in 2005, here in Fayetteville, praying to find a place to live – once accepted, she packed their bags and moved south.  But once again, it wasn’t long before she was greeted with more abuse, only this time, from her son-in-law.  Knowing now she didn’t have to take it anymore, she turned him in to Social Services which forced her back out on the streets.  “Where do I go from here?” was the only question she kept asking herself.  She found one of the local shelters and started receiving therapy – which lead her to Ms. Green.

Rita discovered by meeting Ms. Green that God never left her side.  When asked to describe what it’s like to live with Ms. Green and by her rules, Rita’s face lit up and responded: “It’s Wonderful!” 

Rita has now found herself re-establishing new positive goals for herself with aspirations to Love God, to learn how to love herself and to reconnect with her family and love ones.

We wish her all the best!

Rick's Story:

RickWhere do I start, well the beginning is as good a place as anywhere. Albert Green was a young service wife accompanying her husband in Augsburg Germany, the year was 1957.  A young German woman knocked on the door and informed her that she had just had a child and her husband 1st Sgt Richard Green was the child’s father.


Regardless of any personal feelings she may have had she immediately went to the hospital where this child was in intensive care and expected to die.  At that moment she made the decision that she would love this child and nurse him back to health and this child would be her own. “I am that child”!


Even before I was aware of my existence she began molding me in her image. Mom always put me first even when she was active in her addiction.  I always remember her trying to nurture and care for me.  I was unaware of the effect that alcoholism had on her marriage to my father.  She always tried to shield me from that.  It was only after she was in recovery that I realized that her marriage was in jeopardy.


At the time of the divorce there was never a question as to who I would stay with. I loved my mom more that life and nothing could break that bond.  Mom and I moved forward and she became involved with helping women and men in any way she could.  It was at that time I noticed that her relationship with GOD became stronger with each passing day.


Though financially we were poor, I never felt like I got the short end of the deal.  Between God and Mom I always felt secure.  He had delivered us from the Liquor Houses of Spring Lake to her trying her best to do His Work.  Tough we did not have any monetary wealth, I always treasured the time mom and I had together.


As my life unfolded mom always was my biggest supporter. Having done her best to expose me to the Lord and live accordingly I feel she was confident that in the end I would figure it out.  “FOUNDATION”, that’s What Alberta F. Green gave to me.  I owe so much to mom and I thank the Lord that in all of his wisdom, he chose her to provide this to me.


Moms humor was LEGENDARY.  She was the funniest person I  have ever known.  In the face of adversity, she taught me to “turn it over” and be of good spirit. In the end I realized that  the core of our relationship was “ACCEPTANCE, FORGIVENESS AND COMPASSION”. Though I recently realized this, the fact is that these qualities were the core of our relationship from the beginning.


The thing I miss the most about mom is her laughter! I look forward to the day when mom and I see each other in Heaven; it’s going to be FANTASTIC!


‘I will always love you MOM”


YOUR SON.................Rick

Tammy's Story:

My name is Tommy. I came to Mrs. Green in 1998 at the time the ministry and recovery home was called the Maranatha Ministries. I was sent to the home by  mental health. It took me a couple of weeks to get there until I spoke with Mrs. Green and she said we do not hold beds. So I had finally burned all my bridges, family and friends and decided I might need to get there before I had no where to go. I was already almost homeless. I tried to stay in my home town to get my recovery which I had tried several times with no success. The mental health lady told me staying in my home town would do me no good but she new a lady in Fayetteville and that she was a tough cookie and she would get me sent there. So my family bought my ticket and put me on the bus. I had already told people for weeks that I was going to get clean and sober they did not take me seriously neither did I. I was just tired and was going to get some rest. One of the girls at the house picked me up from the bus station and I thought, I know this is not going to work. I arrived at the house and Ms. Green was sitting in her corner chair having a cup of coffee and very quiet. She was checking me out. When I saw her I said to myself OKAY.. Of course rest was not what I was going to get that day. It was time for dinner and also a meeting for that night. The next morning she came in for morning devotion and breakfast and did her interview with me. The short time I was there as she  began to share her experience, strength, and hope with me. I learned so much from her I can not even begin to tell you all of it. Any way I wanted all she had to offer her humor, her patience, her giving her tough love. I became a child of God something I never really understood until I came to the home. I got my first job that I still have. My first dog, and most importantly--I remained cleaned and sober. I stayed at the home for 18 months and when I asked her did she think I was ready to leave she yes. Mrs. Green taught me how to respect myself again something I had lost during the my many years of  my alcohol and drug  abuse. Today I have 15 years of sobriety by the grace of God and It is because of the Lord and Mrs. Green that I am alive probably and the responsible person that I am today. I remained close to Mrs. Green even after I had moved out on my own, because I loved her and  I was and I am  still very grateful for her for everything she has done for me mentally, spiritually, and physically. This is kind of emotional to write because I still miss her, but I have her dog angel and I believe she is in heaven making sure me and angel are still behaving ourselves  Always and Forever a part of my memories and my heart Ms. Alberta.---

Tommy's Story:

TommyTommy, on the demands from Ms. Alberta Green, became President of Teague’s Home for Women’s Board of Directors, Alberta’s right hand man and Shirley Lacy’s advisor.  During his 3 year reign as President, he helped revise, update and bring structure back into the Home using Alberta’s rules where it began to slack (due to Ms. Alberta’s illness).  Key Factors include: 1) All residents must attend church and if they need drug/alcohol rehabilitation, they must attend a 12-step program. 2) Each resident must feel safe from harm. 3) The rules must be abided by. 4) Ongoing upkeep of the home.


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